Multimodal transportation

Efficient logistics allows a business to solve two problems: to reduce shipping costs and to receive cargo in due time. In 8 out of 10 cases, these goals can be achieved by multimodal delivery, i.e. transportation when all types of logistics lines are involved: sea, rail and road

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  • You select the suitable route depending on time frames and available funds
  • You reduce your costs by involving a sea transport in the scheme - we cooperate with sea lines directly and offer affordable prices
  • You work with one contractor who is responsible for the transportation “from start to finish”
  • You may use an installment plan or a deferred payment plan on individual terms
  • You receive cargo at your warehouse or dispatch it to anywhere in the world having prepared only one set of documents

When should you select this method?

  • Door-to-door delivery required
  • Interest in a comprehensive service of only one multimodal transport company
  • Delivery by one transport is impossible since there is no direct connection between consignee and consignor

More about the service

Meridian Line is an arrangement of multimodal cargo transportation by one transport company. We guarantee the safety of your cargo along the entire route and prescribe this provision in a contract. Создаем надлежащие условия перевозки на всех транспортных линиях. We create the best conditions for transportation by any shipping lines. We adhere to agreed terms due to the well-coordinated work of the entities involved in the logistics scheme.

Combined transportation is arranged under one end-to-end contract. It is relevant for a business that conducts foreign economic activity and has partners abroad. For delivery on the route of Moscow-Vladivostok, you can use road transport, but if cooperating with China you have to use various lines.

Example. The most popular option for multimodal transportation to Moscow is based on the following scheme: sea freight China-Vladivostok – transshipment at the railway or a port – dispatching by rail to Moscow – delivery by road to customer’s warehouse. Logistics for many of our customers is arranged according to a similar scheme, and the advantages of combined delivery are obvious.

Our company arranges delivery to the following directions: Southeast Asia, China, Korea, Japan. We consolidate, pick up cargo from many ports in China: Ningbo, Shanghai, Dalian, Qingdao, Xiamen, Beijing, Xingang, Hong Kong, Huangpu, Guangzhou, Yantian, Shenzhen. We cooperate with many Russian ports: Vladivostok, Nakhodka, Novorossiysk, Saint Petersburg.

To calculate multimodal transportation, we need the following information:

  • Location of your cargo (to select a city/terminal of dispatch)
  • Routing / final destination
  • Name of your cargo
  • Cargo description (weight, volume)
  • Terms of delivery according to a contract

Call our managers to know the route options and calculate the costs of logistics service. The cost of multimodal delivery depends on several factors: place of departure, destination, name and description of cargo, the need for customs clearance.

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